Our Approach

Hosen’s investment strategy is anchored on two areas of focus: Food Space and Mid-Market Buyouts. A wide-reaching industry network and an insightful set of sector maps position Hosen as the leading PE firm in the food space, with solid transaction and value-adding capabilities to execute growth investment and mid-market buyouts.

Our philosophy is to partner with entrepreneurs and management, to foster continuous growth and build industry leaders. Through Hosen Club, we connect industry leaders, facilitate industry cooperation and support strategic developments.

Food Space

The food space is a large aggregation of disparate industry sectors with complex supply chains and diverse business models. Disciplined industry focus on the food space offers Hosen rich investment opportunities with strong risk-adjusted returns.

Hosen Club

Since inception, Hosen has been establishing close relationships with global and domestic strategic partners and institutional investors. The network of resources continues to drive our portfolio’s success.

Building Industry Leaders

Through growth investment and mid-market buyouts, Hosen aims to build industry leaders. Hosen has a proven track record of executing growth and buyout investments, and adopts a proactive portfolio management approach.

China +

China is globally the largest market for food consumption, and also globally the largest importer of food products. Applying a “Global Supply, Chinese Consumption” investment thesis, Hosen executes in cross-border transactions to build leading food businesses with robust global supply chain.


Since 2013, we have established a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework, and fully integrated ESG principles and standards into our investment processes. All of our portfolio companies implement advanced ESG standards.